Enrollment generally takes place once a year with new children beginning at the start of the ACC academic year. In the event of turnover during the year, the director will go back to the waiting list to fill the vacant spot. Children must be 6 months of age as of September 1st of that academic year to be eligible for enrollment. The Enrollment and Waiting List Policy can be found here.

The waiting list for the Children’s Lab School is long, with more names than can be accommodated with our limited number of available spots each year. Typically fewer than 5% of those who apply to the waiting list are actually enrolled into the program.

The waiting list closes each year in mid March. Families on the waiting list will receive an email from the Children’s Lab School (childlab@austincc.edu) in late March with a link to the “ACC Children’s Lab School Waiting List Update” Google form. In order to stay on the waiting list, please complete the form, one per child, and submit before the due date (usually mid April). We will use this information to update our waiting list. Please complete the form even if there are no changes or updates! We need to make sure we have accurate information for your child. If there is no response, we assume you no longer wish to be on the waiting list. The waiting list database is then updated according to the responses we receive. 

In April, currently enrolled families are also asked to return a form stating whether or not they intend to reenroll the next year. The number of available slots for enrollment in the different categories (student, staff/faculty, and community) is determined based on that information.

The director begins the process of reviewing the waiting list and contacting parents in May, using the program’s waiting list guidelines. Enrollment for the next academic year is usually completed by the end of June.

Link to the Waiting List Forms