Former Student, Ken Exercise Science department

Ken, give a little background history of yourself.

I’m semi-retired and a Group Exercise Instructor who works with seniors.  Currently I do part-time Senior Enrichment Programming for the Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

What made you decide to pursue this area of study (i.e. Exercise Science)?

I wanted to be better able to tailor exercise programs to individual senior’s needs, which I found somewhat challenging to achieve in a Group Exercise class situation.

What made you to decide to pursue this interest in the Exercise Science program at ACC?

Convenient locations and low cost.  Also, knowing that the program had highly qualified Instructors, and that credits earned in the ACC Exercise Science Program could transfer, either immediately or later, to higher degree-granting institutions.

What was the most challenging/difficult part of the program?

Pacing oneself.  It’s tempting to want to get it over with as quickly as possible, or even to just pursue a one-semester certificate and get out to work in the field, but that doesn’t allow you enough time to let the knowledge go deep within you, and cheats you of the hands-on training experiences that the longer programs provide.

What was the best/most beneficial part of the program?

I loved all the practical applications in the formally-credited laboratory sections, as well as in the informal one.

Are you currently employed as a Personal Fitness Trainer?  If so, at what capacity?  If not, why not?

I continue to work in my previous capacity as a Recreation Activity Leader until the right Personal Trainer opportunity presents itself.  Also, I am more focused on additional studies, having been accepted to the MS program in Exercise and Sport Science at Texas State University.  When I have settled into that program, I will explore more Personal Training options.

If you had a single piece of advice for someone interested in being a Personal Fitness Trainer, what would it be?

Learn as much as you can!  Dive into the science.  And, be aware of the great array of individual differences.  Just because you love a given program or exercise or activity, doesn’t necessarily make it right or best for all of your clients.  Listen to them, both the verbal and the non-verbal cues, to learn what makes them tick and what might benefit them most.

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