Former Student, Alex Exercise Science department

Alex, give a little background history of yourself.

I graduated from Anderson High School and enrolled in ACC when I was 18, but not knowing what I wanted to study or what kind of career I wanted, I flunked out. I worked as a barista for 7 years before realizing I wanted to do more with my life. I was already passionate about fitness and wellness and found myself giving advice to others often and figured a career in personal fitness trainer would suit me well.

What made you decide to pursue this area of study (i.e. Personal Fitness Training)?

I was never an athletic person growing up or in school. My experience with exercise stemmed from learning bodybuilding-style lifting from friends and from online sources in an effort to put on some weight (I weighed 87 lbs. at 18). After having moderate success in being a regular exerciser, I found that I liked helping friends with it as well and teaching them what I knew. I genuinely enjoy helping people change their lives for the better. I enrolled at ACC so I could further my knowledge in fitness and exercise and make a career out of something I love doing.

What made you to decide to pursue this interest in the Personal Fitness Trainer program at ACC?

I wanted to make sure to get quality education on the matter of fitness training. It is possible to get certified to become a personal trainer with a weekend workshop somewhere else, but how much can you possible learn in a weekend? ACC offers a degree program in Personal Fitness Training which really prepares you for the job.

What was the hardest part of the program?

The most difficult part of the degree program was actually the science courses required. Anatomy and physiology required much more time outside of class than I anticipated, but in the end, it was all worthwhile.

What was the best/most beneficial part of the program?

The external internship is the most beneficial part of the program. Students get to shadow personal trainers, work in a fitness facility and lead training sessions. After the internship, students are prepared for the real thing.

Are you currently employed as a Personal Fitness Trainer?  If so, at what capacity?  If not, why not?

I interned at Body Business Anderson Lane and liked it very much and even though I learned a lot from them, they weren’t hiring personal trainers at the time. I am in the process of starting up as an independent personal trainer.

If you had a single piece of advice for someone interested in being a Personal Fitness Trainer, what would it be?

Study, study, study! If something doesn’t click, take the time to figure it out because you’re going to see it again in the program. Each class supplements each other.

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