Our Vision

The ACC Child Care and Development Department envisions exemplary early childhood educators working with young children and their families.

Our Mission

The Child Care and Development Department prepares knowledgeable and accomplished professionals to work with young children, families, and other professionals in a variety of roles in early childhood education by providing multiple educational opportunities and degree options

To fulfill its mission, the Child Care and Development department faculty and staff will:

  • Honor the uniqueness of each individual by creating a learning environment that reflects the growing diversity of adult students, children, families and the community.
  • Use a variety of research-based instructional methods to help students understand child development and developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Support students in being successful learners, using available resources and navigating barriers to complete educational goals.
  • Model leadership in the early childhood community
  • Assure continued responsiveness to the early childhood community and its changing needs and trends
  • Advocate for children, families and early childhood professionals

Conceptual Framework

The ACC Child Care and Development Department’s Conceptual Framework guides our practice as educators, our work as colleagues, and our role in the community.

One core belief forms the basis for all our other guiding principles—respect for the inherent value of each person’s unique perspective, culture, developmental stage and experiences. Mutual respect among all groups creates the sense of belonging, trust and depth of relationship that we believe is essential to fulfill our mission in our work as educators, as a faculty, and as members of the early care and education community. These groups include the teacher, child, and family; the faculty and college student; colleagues in the Department and the College; and the Greater Austin early childhood community.

Our conceptual framework document outlines the beliefs that guide our practice as educators, our work as colleagues, and our role in the community.

NAEYC Accreditation: Annual Reports and Outcomes

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